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A Day as Promised for All

Pulling together a vacation for two Virgos and the offspring of said sign requires agreements so the first few days reflect that. Sydney loves going to various kids camps so we made sure there was one here in Marbella. She commented that she had been looking forward to this all summer and was so happy to be here finally. And she was. A day of bowling, swimming & (a version of) water polo, bowling and ending with mini disco. Very active. For the parents a promise of sitting by the pool. Period. And that is what we did. Well you can not be running around all the time right?

Kim purchased Nintendo DSs before we left and I did not realize what an ice breaker it could be. Sydney loves playing it and many oof the children around have one also so there is a conversation starter. Some lads from Dublin Ireland tonight showed Sydney how to play Mario Go-cart, a game which she has but has never played. Maybe relations between countries could be solved if only we passed out game consoles and waited a few years… Thanks lads.

One final note on the Cava we were given when we arrived here. I enjoyed the sparking beverage I was presented with but will have to admit ┬áthat when the hotel staff asked I thought they meant Kava, a drink from the South Pacific that tastes like dirt with a hint of pepper and has a sedative effect when consumed. So when asked I thought “Sure! Why?” then after being presented with a refreshing sparkling beverage I realized that once again I had been done in by a homophone…

Hmmmm Kava……. eh Cava….



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