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An Almost Down Day

Today was a second day of not much. By the pool for the ‘rents and in the pool for the kid. Boy does she love to swim… A little time in kids camp for Syd also helped give her another busy day. As for Mom and Dad, much time by the pool ended with Sangria. Nice. What has been funny hanging around the pool is the ‘cliches’ walking around. The girl walks by with a pace that says ‘notice me’ and Kim comments is someone playing “The Girl From Ipanema?”. The proud men with tans and gold chains strutting their stuff. I refered to them as “Il Magnifico”, a sobriquet ¬†for Lorenzo de’ Medici who is featured in a book I am currently reading. Italian, yes but it seemed to fit. I am sure they are all nice people but still it is interesting to see walking stereotypes.

So the not so down part came when we decided to escape into Marbella proper. Our hotel is outside the town and very quiet. Marbella itself is nice but overrun with tourists (takes one to know one eh?) so we are happy with our away digs. An old town still exists and was nice to visit, however it was surrounded by the usual overbuild that accompanies many vacation spots these days. Still, I would not turn it down…

We ended the night as we have since we arrived, drinking wine and watching ships sail to and from Algeciras and the Straits of Gibraltar. A full moon highlighted much. And in the distance North Africa sits awaiting its turn in our journey.

Visiting Marbella

Visiting Marbella

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